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Who We Are

Since 1977, we have been manufacturing rivets and specialty cold-headed products. Our products include a full line of semi-tubular, solid, and shoulder rivets.

What is Cold Heading?

Cold heading is the process of manufacturing parts at high speeds by altering the shape of an unheated wire blank that has been inserted into a die. The blank is then subject to a blow, forming the component in the die. The benefit that comes from this process is there is no scrap loss as with machined components. Speeds of up to 400 pieces per minute keep costs low, and part features that would normally require an additional machining operation can be incorporated into the die.

We serve a variety of different industries, each of which has its own distinct requirements. At Universal Rivet, we take great pride in offering only the highest quality cold headed parts.

It is our mission to offer our customers not only competitive products but also competitive pricing. We are able to attain this standard by ensuring that we comply with all customer requirements. In addition, we continually strive to improve upon our quality management system. When you choose Universal Rivet Inc., you can benefit from a variety of different rivets as well as numerous finish options.

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