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Choosing Steel Rivets for Your next Project

Posted by: Admin | Date: 15-11-2014

Whether they realize it or not, most people have steel rivets in their homes, automobiles, or place of employment. Steel rivets are so widely utilized in numerous products and structures because they provide a host of important benefits. In choosing the right type of fastener for your project, it is important to select a rivet that will hold up well to the specific task while also providing beautiful aesthetics.

Therefore, when you are reviewing options for specialty fasteners, it is important to ensure you choose the right rivet to match your requirements. Due to the fact that steel rivets provide durability, strength, and a lovely finish, they are often used in bridges, ramps, and skyscrapers.

Among the many benefits that steel rivets provide is the ability to stand up well to pressure as well as remaining resistant to the weather. This is actually one of the reasons that steel rivets are commonly selected for use in outdoor conditions and marine products, where there tends to be a tremendous amount of water or moisture.

Two main methods are used for the production of steel rivets. Those methods are machining and cold heading. In the case of the latter method, the rivets are formed without the use of heat in the formation process. Instead, wires are transformed into the necessary shape through the application of high pressure on the metals that are deformed into a punch cavity. The cold heading method is actually one of the oldest methods available, but one that still works well with modern structures.

Cold headed steel rivets provide a number of important benefits, including the fact that it is possible to produce a large number of rivets in a short time. If your plant requires a large minimum order, cold headed steel rivets may be the ideal choice. There is also less waste with the cold headed manufacturing process that helps to drive down production costs. While cost should never be the final factor in determining the right type of rivet for your project, budget is always an important consideration.